So I'm considered over weight by the doctors and my friends are all skinny and wearing bikinis. I wish to wear a bikini but I am ashamed of my body. I know I shouldn't be but when surrounded by skinnies, I get self conscious. I want to know how to lose weight before winter, without too much exercise because...

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  1. Rachel
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    Don't feel so insecure, I wore a bikini when I was chubby I rocked it. But I made changes so I would look even better in it. Start small walk more get active and eat better and cut out soda and sugary drinks. Trust me you will be fine. But right now rock it and don't feel bad.


    Me pre weight loss

  2. matty

    As long as you lose weight you're fine because obviously it's unhealthy if you're overweight in fat and not muscle. It probably bothers you because you stand out in when your with your friends but that can be in a good or bad way.

  3. kerri

    make small changes to diet, drink more water, eat healthy

  4. Barnes

    Eat less food.

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