How does this compare to Intel's i5 and i7 processors?

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  1. Andy L

    Released in May,it is relatively new. It is configurable as 12 to 15 watts by the PC brand and low watts lowers performance and increases battery life.

    Placed here as rank 220 without test data below i3-6100U and above i3-5015U because A10-9600P is ranked at 235
    It is a tiny CPU clock increase of 4% and features a graphics processing boost.,AMD_AM970PADY44AB/
    A12-9700P 4091 vs A10-9600P 3807 showing 7% in reported number gain.
    i3-6100U @ 2.30GHz 3503. Core i5-6200U @ 2.30GHz 4043
    This shows a disagreement because notebookcheck aims at gaming performance. CPU Benchmark is a Passmark test non-gaming.

    It's hard to pin down parts that have very few system models used.
    According to AMD information and reports, it might be around, but below a Geforce 940M in graphics performance and would place it between an i3-6100U and i5-6200U in CPU performance.
    I think the Bristol Ridge was supposed to fix an AMD overheating issue that has been known but not widely publicized.

    It is hard to know how some of the new laptops perform.
    A12-9700P and an R7 M440 graphics card to make Dual Graphics R8 M445DX and a driver support question.
    But they added a 128GB SSD the 1TB HDD.
    Early gaming numbers with A10-9600P looked bad.
    An i5-5200U and Geforce 940M scored double the gaming performance on Sims 4 as the one number I just looked up.

    How about, the A12 9700P is pretty good in general non-gaming usage as an i5-6200U equivalent and AMD reports it wonderful in gaming while independent test labs can't seem to duplicate the actual gaming results.

    This is just an opinion based on what I see in reports, and there are very few reports.
    I will note that i7-6500U is only a little over an i5-6200U. The serious i7's are quad cores.
    The i7-6500U is slightly higher clock and more L3 cache than the i5-6200U
    It is the Intel 6th gen U suffix that are amazingly close in performance to each other.,Intel_FJ8066201930408,Intel_FJ8066201930409,Intel_FJ8066201931104/
    i3-6100U >i5-6200U adds turbo
    i5-6200U>i5-6300U raises clock multiplier by 1
    i5-6300U>i7-6500U raises clock multiplier by 1 and adds a bit more L3 cache
    AMD does similar in CPUs from one to the next.

  2. Warren

    From what I can find its 2.5 GHz. But if your wondering how fast it will run depends on the rest of your setup and what game. Overall its a decent processor for beginners but if your looking to play heavy games like battlefield or crisis on high graphic (also depends on your graphics card) then you probably want a little more. I couldn't find the price of one though so I don't know if its worth it relative to the price. If its between 100-200 $ then I recommend saving and buying a better one for 200+ because it will have better performance and last longer.

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