i met my husband three years ago when i was 17 and he was 19 i lived in London and he was on holiday there when he went back to New York we started a long distance relationship after a year and a half he asked me to come to new York and marry him which i did but just before our 2 year anniversary i found out he...

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  1. Anonymous

    You can't take the citizenship test unless you have had your permanent green card for at least a year. So do you have your temporary 2 year green card? Or your permanent 10 year green card?
    If you don't have your 10 year green card yet, call off the divorce ,act like you want to reconcile, move back in with him. Then wait until you have your permanent green card before you file for divorce again. If you divorce before you have been married for 3 years, it will be a total of 5 years before you can apply for US citizenship
    If you divorce before you have your 10 year green card you cannot stay in the US. You have to return home. That is just a temporary green card and the condition is that you are married and living with your spouse. Once you are no longer living together you have to leave the country

  2. GerryMander

    You need to have a green card and be married at least 3 years before you can apply for citizenship. That is,if your husband is a U.S.citizen.

  3. Lisa A

    You can apply to take the test on the 5th anniversary pf the date printed on your green card.

    No green card? No test. No citizenship.

  4. Borel

    Do you have your green card you give no details
    to get citizen you have to hold the 10 year green card for 3 years..after divorce it will be 5 years

    if you have no green card or a 2 year conditional you go home

  5. i + i

    You can apply, but you will have
    a very long wait ahead of you --
    the list of people before you is
    very very long, and now the
    bureaucratic hurdles are
    enormous. In the meantime
    (depending on the type of job
    you have), you might be able
    to get your work to try and get
    you a work visa.

  6. Foofa

    You'd need to put in another year before you'd be eligible to apply for naturalization, but if you can prove the marriage was legitimate you may be able to maintain your green card.

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