Checked it out to see that there s actually no tire ! The whole damn thing is gone someone stole my tire and the noise I heard was from me pulling off and driving off the damn cinder block I drove off the cinder block about 3 inches my question is did I ruin the part where my tire was idk if it s called the axle or...

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  1. pmt853

    You have probably had the wheel stolen, it takes a lot of work and specialist tools to remove just a tyre. Tell the police and your insurance company. Put your spare on (you do have a spare don't you? You do know how to change a wheel don't you?) and go to the nearest garage for a check and a new wheel and tyre.

  2. Jack H

    It's called the wheel hub, I doubt that you have damaged it, but, get it checked out and a new wheel and tyre fitted, ask about locking wheel nuts if theft is a problem in your area...

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