I have a car. Tittle not under my name, can I sell it?

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  1. g

    No, you are not considered the legal owner by your state. Before being legally eligible to sell, trade or gift the vehicle you must first transfer title into your name. Having possession of a vehicle does not give you legal ownership. You must be the named title holder to be considered the legal owner.

  2. Never

    Maybe if you have a signed title and bill of sale from the actual owner.

    I took my dads car to sell it for him.

    He gave me the signed title and 2 signed bill of sales. I sold it for him.

  3. jon_mac_usa_007

    No, only the legal owner can sell a car.

  4. Lisa

    The title holder has to sign it over in order for the buyer to take legal possession.

  5. DN

    Nope, not legally.

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