Barb Hammonds,HowGan

Pepsi when eating pizza?

9 months ago 10


  1. Anonymous

    Pizza Hut approves

  2. Kathy

    For me, it would be diet Pepsi with pizza.

  3. Barb Hammonds

    pepsi when eating pizza

  4. poecilotheria metall

    Depends on what kind of pizza if it's vegetairian then no i will drink tea but for all other kinds

  5. Wise Cracker

    COKE!!! Anyone who prefers Pepsi over coke is not a true American!

  6. conley39

    Beer with pizza; wine with pasta if you're an adult

  7. Old Guy

    Nothing brown out of a boittle

  8. Blonde

    No, ice-water...I get hiccups if I drink Pepsi. :)

  9. Pisce-Pegasus

    It used to be one of my favorite things.

  10. Elizabet

    A must

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