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I m a 17 year old healthy male but unfortunately I believe I am a hypochondriac, I often worry about symptoms of things I feel and panic a lot about it. Recently I ve been worrying about my heart. I will sometimes get pain in my chest, it s not severe at all but just a little sharp pain located usually just in one...

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  1. billie jon

    I forgot to mention that I also use a Vapour Pen (e-cig) as of quitting smoking. I've always wondered if these pains are related to that as I never before experienced this and it actually sees to come on particularly when I'm using my Vape.

  2. Kelli

    I think you're right & it's the Vape. Many people experience the same thing, since e-cigs cause airway resistance, which would be felt in both lungs, right & left. I don't think it's your heart. I think it's the Vape.

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