I broke my ankle 2 weeks ago. However, it was a weekend and I had surgery on the weekend. I only work Thursday and Friday every week. The hospital only kept me 24 hours. On discharge papers, the surgeon wrote no restrictions on work. My boss said do not come in and take time off. It is exactly 2 weeks later, and...

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  1. Little Princess

    Unemployment is for when you lose your job through no fault of your own. If you're capable of working and want to work, but your boss tells you not to, or fires you outright, then you should qualify for unemployment. If they fire you for being a no-show last weekend, then make sure you have the email, text, or some other evidence that you wanted to go into work, were cleared to go into work, but they told you not to.

    edit: You'd have a difficult time claiming disability if your doctor has cleared you for work.

  2. WRG


  3. Jo

    Nope but you MAY be able to collect short term disability.

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