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Okay, so firstly, let me just say that this might sound like a weird story, but it's about my brother. So he's looking for an apartment to rent. He manages to find one, the contract is signed, his daughter changes schools to prepare for the move in (they were supposed to move in 09/16, so why not), and...

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  1. Simpson G.

    If he signed a rental agreement, both parties must abide by it. That means that the landlord cannot just cancel it and kick him out without going through the laws set forth by the state. If your brother has a lease, the landlord is required to honor it.

    Your brother has the legal right to stay there, paying rent, until the lease expires, as long as he does not violate the terms of the lease. He can sue if the landlord prevents him from doing so.

  2. Maxi

    They are in breach of contract so your brother can sue for that and all and any costs such as legal costs moving costs etc

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