The seller doesn't reply and I needed it by Halloween

9 months ago 3


  1. Imy.k

    Lol and this is why you never order **** from China ???????????? I don't care how much it is in China I will never order from there. There products are absolutely **** and brake easily. Just contact eBay because its been 14 days right? So contact eBay now.

  2. Salt and Peppy

    Buy a back-up costume. If the one you ordered shows up, return the back-up. If the one you ordered does not show up in time, wear the back-up and return the one you ordered immediately for a refund.

  3. John S

    If your shipper used the Hanjin Shipping Co. you may have a tough time, since thousands of containers were on ships stranded when the company went out of business. It is only recently that they have started unloading them in the Port of Los Angeles.

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