Can a 13 year old no if they are gay or strait yet? (Me)?

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  1. Garrett

    No, not really- sexuality can be fluid for several years and also hormonal changes take place continually in early teens so a guy can be more prone to like guys for a while than 2 weeks later have no attraction at all to guys.

  2. Zac

    Yes, they can. Mostly, they just somehow have an inner 'knowing' that I am gay... and it's often right from early childhood. Adults who claim those questioning teens are 'too young to know' tend to be very old school in their thinking and beliefs.

  3. kim h

    Yes they can and they can also still be confused by it. People figure it out at different ages.

  4. Raja Babu

    Ya. I discovered it in the 5th grade

  5. Anonymous


    Worry about it when you can spell it.

  6. Londa

    you are a stupid kid

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