If they look like Scott Steiner,Cage, They are "juiced"; if they look like Kevin Owens, They are "fat"; If they look like Tyler Breeze, they are too "feminine"; if they look like Daniel Bryan ,They are "average" . also, if a wrestler is below 5'10''? They are...

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  1. Candle IWC Illuminat

    The answer is...Bob Backlund. Squat, ginger, not really all that defined muscle wise, gap toothed and oddly proportioned.

    The answer is that there is no answer. Anybody can be a great pro wrestler and be short, stout, skinny, tall, ripped, pretty, etc. People want someone to look legitimate, and when a guy like Bryan, who looks and wrestles quite a bit like shoot grapplers of old in stature who could break your leg for an extra buck from the booker, people poo poo it.

    Here's the real story, folks: Royce Gracie was 6 foot even and wiry as hell in his prime. Bruce Lee was 5'7''. They could both whoop our collective asses because they're legit.

    It's a stigma in wrestling I'll never get. That and women being 'unrealistic' competitors against men. News flash: Wrestling's ******* fake.

  2. Dave Hytmen

    Scott Steiner and CAGE! are nothing but Steroids right.
    Tyler Breeze's gimmick is asinine
    Daniel Bryan was a one trick pony show.

  3. Seven Man

    Obviously there's no single required body type, but if there was something to aspire to, I would say it is the physique of the Great Gama.

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