What's your best experience there? :D

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  1. Madame M

    The first time I went to Meiji Jingu (the shrine complex near Harajuku Station) was in November, and all the little kids were dressed in kimono, tiny suits and cute dresses to receive blessings. Every time after, I've had a good experience. It's such a peaceful place, and there's always something going on, it seems. The gift shop, public toilets and restaurants aren't bad, either. (You may want to go to Takeshita Doori for food, or other places in the Omotesando area.) It's just very calming and green, and the buildings are very beautiful.

  2. michinoku2001

    Yes, summer in Tokyo is a bit much, but during the other three seasons Tokyo always feels full of possibilities. I can't talk about my best experience there because I do not kiss and tell, but I like the Golden Gai area of Shinjuku a lot. To me as a person who imbibes, the Kameya Bar in Asakusa is a great spot. You can't miss it, the address is Asakusa 1-1-1.

  3. Ben

    Yes, many many times.
    It's so beautiful

  4. ce_fowler

    Rapongi district....

  5. .

    Yes. I attended a friend's wedding there.

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