Better picture and overall quality tv?

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  1. Grumpy Mac

    Insignia is bottom barrel quality.

    Vizio is trying to be a good brand, but the quality control is inconsistent. One unit works great for years, another dies within a few weeks.

  2. kg7or

    Vizio is one of the better "second tier" brands--what you might buy if you're not going for one of the top quality brands (Samsung, Panasonic, LG, Sharp, Sony). Vizio isn't generally up to the performance and durability scale of the top five, but it's possible to get a pretty good set at a cost savings. My advice: if you buy a Vizio, get it at Costco where they double the manufacturer's warranty and give you a very generous no-hassle return policy, 90 days. (Forget both of those at Best Buy.)

    Insignia is Best Buy's low-scale house brand, what they'll sell you (if you fall for it) when they can't talk you into something better. Insignia never makes it in any listing of quality TVs like you see in Consumer Reports.

    So between your two choices, my qualified vote is the Vizio, but don't get it at Best Buy.

  3. spacemissing

    Of the two, I would go for the Vizio.

    Still not really a good choice, though...

  4. khalil

    it depends on the screen size and pixel quality ...
    in general small screen tvs look finer also they use screens from different the quality differs model by model ..i think you choose a model from them then watch both of them in the stores ... after that decide which one you like.....if you can count the number of hairs of an eyelash of an angel....its quality is higher ....
    good luck

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