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Why do cons think a fetus has a right to life but a tape worm does not? Both are equally intelligent and both suffer equally when they are killed. Both harm the host's body and cause pain to the host. Is Jesus the only explanation they can offer, or do they have any rational arguments?

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  1. M.

    If you believe that a tapeworm and a fetus are somehow equivalent, then you surely can't be a conservative.

    Is a fetus a parasite?

  2. Jack

    False assumptions and false reasoning lead to false conclusions. Information without a proper context is useless.

    How do you know the intelligence of a fetus? And the relationship is most certainly NOT the same. Tape worms do have rights. It is illegal to torture tape worms for the sake of torturing them. Cruelty to animals is illegal. Killing them isn't, but being unnecessarily cruel is. That sounds like a "right" to be free from human cruelty. Yet a fetus has no such "right"? You do know how abortions are performed. It is a very cruel process. We don't treat dogs like that.

  3. John

    A tape worn will never become a human. That's the difference.

  4. No_One_@All

    You were once a fetus... a human, whereas a tape worm will always be a tape worm. Tape worm do not have human DNA and will never "evolve" past that stage. You can't compare the two.

  5. Lib Nemesis

    A fetus is human idiot. Without a fetus, there would be no human babies. The same does not go for tapeworms...

  6. Jeffrey

    Remember when blacks were considered sub human as wel? I'm sure you wish we could go back to those days eh?

    ****** abortion lover.

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