I always have these thoughts of killing my 3 year old sister... and I love her like i would never want to harm her but, sometimes i have these thoughts of me like putting her into the ocen or something... as i said i never would do such things when I think about her dying i often cry and have nightmares... is that...

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  1. Them

    Well no - that's not a "mental disorder"....... actually it's quite common. You have repressed anger against your little sister.

    It's YOUR family - mother and father and you - and then along comes Baby Sister - and now she's "So Cute". It takes attention which used to be yours and turns it on her. This is terribly sad for kids. So in normal people this causes terrific anger.

    BUT - you're not supposed to be angry - so it gets shoved down into your unconscious mind. Then your mind begins to spin out fantasies of killing little sister.......... But the good news is that nobody ever actually DOES this. We can have all manner of fantasies - but nobody ever acts on them.

    So - you're NORMAL....... it's ok. You're not going to hurt anybody - and you're not some sort of monster.

  2. boystownhotline

    Hi there, I’m glad that you decided to reach out today for some answers. It sounds like you’re struggling with some difficult and scary thoughts at the moment, and you shouldn’t have to feel like you’re on your own through this. If you feel that you couldn’t stay safe around your sister or anyone else, please let somebody close to you know. An adult relative, teacher, counselor, therapist, or even the police would all be good resources and can help you work through these thoughts. Know that you’re not alone, and there is always someone out there who can listen and help. Please continue to reach out for support and answers.

    PF, Counselor

  3. Stella

    I believe that you've simply become obsessed with your own random thoughts.
    You may have had this impulse once when she annoyed you. This is normal, but you were horrified by the thought so you couldn't help but to keep thinking it.
    It's like if you were ordered to not think about a purple elephant, that's all you can think about.
    That's just my opinion, of course I can't diagnose you.

  4. Scott

    Your opening words show that yes, you have an issue.

  5. me

    Could be OCD Harm.

  6. Chand cha

    Consult your doctor. He is the best judge.

  7. Misty

    I would say those are intrusive thoughts. When you have them, just change them to something else. If they continue, please seek help.

  8. BiGBaCK

    no, your just crazy

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