Who is better the beatles or the rolling stones?

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  1. Anonymous
    Best Answer

    don't know

  2. DumpTrump


  3. Anonymous

    the beatles or the rolling stones

  4. OU812

    Better to who? I don't mean to sound like a dick, but I get so confused about how questions like this exist on YA. Even the stupidest person in the world should understand that music is completely subjective. So my confusion is whether there are really that many stupidass people on YA or if this is some kind of trolling I'm not aware of.

  5. Hurricain

    I like both bands. I prefer the Stones.

  6. BiGBaCK

    rolling stones

  7. Kwest

    there wouldn't be a rolling stones if not for the beatles

  8. A User

    the last 5-7 albums of the RS are not impressive, they should have retired 20 years go

  9. John


  10. J

    Congratulations! Your the millionth person to ask this question on Y!A.

    ...By the way, its the stones

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