the facts are all there. of course shes a tranny, Joan Rivers died for even speaking on it.. And why obama be pushing the gay agenda.. Because it pertains to him and Michael. Obama addressed his "wife" as Micheal during a speech. Not once but twice during this speech.You dont make those kind of...

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  1. nineteenthly

    This kind of belief is the result of the kind of confusion and misunderstanding reinforced by the internet. Nobody would've believed this twenty years ago and if anyone had thought of it, it would've stopped around their circle of friends, who wouldn't have taken it seriously. People really need to have some kind of sanity brake on what they see online. Not a point about LGBT stuff, but why the heck would anyone take such a bizarre set of beliefs so seriously? It's like Jamie Lee Curtis all over again, except that was limited by the absence of networked computers. Seriously, get a grip!

  2. Professor

    You are right
    Obama is 100% a homosexual.
    I'm still not sure if Michelle is a tranny or took too much a steroids when she was younger .

  3. Tom

    Of coarse she had to die , I mean it's not like she was elderly and elderly people tend to die or that she was making a living as an insult comic and just made jokes like this!

  4. Frostfire

    Jaon Rivers was already deceased,before Michelle Obama, was in the news.

  5. Ms Clones

    Incredibly disrespectful question.

  6. adriana

    What you see is what you get

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