I have too many to list one! I like Lost Yourself, When I'm Gone, Beautiful, the list goes on! (I didn't mention Stan because I find it a bit too disturbing). What's your favorite song by Em?

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  1. Ten Inch Richard

    Mom's spaghetti

  2. Anonymous

    The one where he's all like "I wanna rape Nicole and all her backup dancers and then piss on rihanna see man I do what I wanna" and the one where he's like "Mariah you lya you were callin' me on my phone when you were all alone you were all up on my whiteboy dick even Nick knew that sht so don't try to deny-a Mariah!"

    And then there's the one where he's like "I'm lookin' to rub my banana so I search for some Hanna Montana"

  3. Anonymous

    Eminem sucks and makes pop music

  4. Kira

    i dont know the title, it goes...
    ..when i was just a little baby boy my mamma used to tell me these crazy things..used to tell me my daddy was an evil man, used to tell me he hated me.. then i got a little bit older and i realized she was the crazy one..but there was nothing i could do or say to try to chang it cause thats just the way she was..

    dont harp on me if i messed it up haha i really like stan too

  5. CCV

    The one where he isn't screaming or whining about his mom, oh wait...

  6. Sportsdude

    They all give me cancer and make me feel not safe to go to school

  7. Anonymous

    you mean he made songs?

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