I got some under my foreskin on the tip. It doesn't hurt and I don't feel any pain. I just saw it there and I don't know how to get it off. It it bad to have it there? My foreskin is a little tight so it's tough. Should I be worried.

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  1. Roddy

    A little lotion under the foreskin is nothing to be worried about. What should concern you though is that you cannot freely retract your foreskin.

    The foreskin should have become fully, freely and painlessly retractable by about 8 years old. Your parent ought to have taught you to retract daily to wash there like the rest of your skin.

    From the start of puberty, if not earlier, it becomes essential to at least daily fully retract the foreskin (to expose the entire glans and the 'groove' behind it) and wash away all the smegma and stale urine (both waste materials) that constantly collect there. Failing to do so leads to objectionable smells and eventually to serious infections.

    Having a tight and non-retractable foreskin is called phimosis. Phimosis does not cure itself and so you need to see a urologist to get the errant foreskin sorted out and enable proper daily hygiene.

  2. kelvin

    why not have a shower and wash it off

  3. Thacker

    Your dirty

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