Land or Disneyworld? Because of nightmares and thoughts of a place you know is not real.

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  1. Mad Dog

    No. If anything, I kind of wish Disneyland didn't jack up the prices or stopped the companies that gave hefty discounts to attend the park although I understand why they had to do so. I still prefer Knott's Berry and Magic Mountain, but I guess I'll always have the memories of all the times I went to Disneyland.

    I don't know what you're talking about, but Disneyland/world is real.

  2. conley39

    No, I enjoyed Disney

  3. Anonymous

    Nope. Perhaps you should consider seeing a mental health professional. Seriously.

  4. Chocobo -Formerly Ad

    No. Just because the characters aren't real doesn't mean it isn't a fun place.

  5. PaRappa the Rapper

    You're crazy. Disneyland is awesome.

  6. Micky Richards

    I was four, i dont remember much from it but it was ok. dont think i would go now however

  7. Sean Dalt

    I never been there anyway

  8. siRyan ★★★


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