I live in Toronto, and I have a degree in Television Broadcasting. After I graduated, I was freelancing mainly in Film Industry, but I wasn't making enough to pay rent and pay my debts until I got a really shitty job at this company working 11pm-7am. I did that job for about 8 months. My contract was suddenly...

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  1. Eddy
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    Well, you started out wrong, didn't you?! Nothing worse than maxing out your credit cards. You accomplished the worst mistake. You used the cards to get a loan that charges you the maximum interest.

    You MUST go out and get any job and begin paying off the credit cards. STAY AT HOME with your parents until you finally change your financial picture. Get any job. Washing dishes in a restaurant would be quite okay. No problem.

    Your parents won't drive you crazy because you should be working TWO low pay jobs. That will keep you out of the house for 17 hours. Do it and do it now.

    Don't sit around thinking that a miracle is about to happen. Get out the door and go get a damn job NOW.

    If you simply get working, you will see how fast you can pull yourself out of this horror story. But, you have to get started immediately. You say you don't know what to do. I just told you what to do. Why are you sitting there?

  2. izzy12321

    I would go onto job search sites and upload your CV there and then maybe you will find one that is suitable for you!

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