What's wrong? Why I am having these creepy dreams?

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  1. WinterRose

    Sex symbolizes "getting to know" another person in a deeper way. It will give you a greater understanding of your friend. I would not get all worry about it either, or about these so called "latent bla bla bla homosexual tendencies." Baloney! Balderdash! Hogwash! It is just part of the brain trying to figure out an aspect of your relationship between you and your friend.

  2. Rebecca

    You're probably gay.

  3. Claire

    Could be that you're a repressed bisexual

  4. james

    becausr you are actually a teeny tiny ***** biter

  5. That Black Guy Every

    Doesn't mean you gay bro, so rule out that possibility. Unless you're not telling us something else. Sometimes we have weird dreams. I had a dream I saw my aunt naked when I was a kid. Doesn't mean I have some weird bizarre fetish because of a dream. Its just a dream bro

  6. kelvin

    you find your friend hot

  7. SAM

    Because you are subconsciously gay. Heh, f*ggot

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