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I m 16, about 20 hours ago I noticed a small bump less than a cm and not very big around my groin area that felt weird to touch and slightly painful on touch. I poked at it a bit and then scratched it, when it popped. I then saw a little blood and mostly pus come out so I tried to squeeze the rest out, and did this...

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  1. fixer29

    If it gets infected you could die, or possibly need to have your penis amputated. I had a boil on my stomach a few years back which I also made the mistake of popping and I ended up in A&E a few days later. So yeah, probably a good idea to get it checked out. But especially look to see if the area around it is red or if you get a high temperature, that is a sign it could be serious and you need IV antibiotics and possibly a night in hospital.

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