I found the source of the leak! Thankfully it is a hose that has a puncture seems like it shouldn't be a huge fix, luckily.

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  1. L.N.

    Coolant leaks are often cause by bad hoses but can also be caused by bad water pumps, holes in the radiator or just from overheating caused by a defective cooling fan or thermostat. Driving it that way can result in severe engine damage.

  2. perfectlybaked

    That has happened to my car twice.

    I'm no car expert, though.

    1st time I took it in they replaced the thermostat. 5 years later the 2nd time they simply said a hose had come undone and they hooked it back in.

    It doesn't leak anymore... so far.

  3. don r

    Nothing at thins point, that actually fixes your car will be inexpensive. Running the engine while overheated will damage it and the repair will cost a few thousand $$$.

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