The girl (or guy) ain't right. She's the scum of the Earth.

I'd like to do far worse things to her, to get her out of the

gene-pool, but I could get in trouble for saying it.

Block Rachel now!!!

9 months ago 8


  1. Symos

    Who's Rachel?

  2. britseatmushypeas

    I'm crazy about Rachael.

  3. Trōllzør

    Who, Rachel Ray? Yeah I hate her.

  4. Rainbow Dash

    Sorry, I don't block people. It's a tactic cowards use.

  5. Jacob


  6. Are You Sure?

    Butthurt much?

  7. Jea

    She got the best of you did she?

  8. Cato

    No, & I am not blocking her.

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