I have a 99 Ford ranger that is losing coolant and oil simultaneously. I know that the head gasket is a possible problem, but the coolant isn't brown when it is full and has been used, and the oil isn't discolor end at all. I also am not getting and white smoke out of the exhaust. The coolant seems to get...

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  1. don r

    Expect that old horse to burn oil. Expect it to leak oil. Have the cooling system pressure checked to diagnose the head gasket integrity as well as compression testing the engine. Have a look at all the coolant hoses, freeze plugs and water pump for leaking.

  2. realtor.sailor

    Pressure check the cooling system to locate leak. As far as the oil check the valve covers for leakage and check under the engine. Could be oil pan gasket or rear seal.

  3. mike

    head gasket

  4. Daniel

    head gasket

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