@Purse:What is your height?,i am sure there are a lot of men who are shorter than you.

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  1. ChemFlunky

    A guy 4" shorter than me would be pretty damned short. I'm on the short side for a woman.

    But, if I otherwise liked him, and he otherwise met my criteria for a prospective boyfriend? Sure. Tall is on my "would be nice to have" list, but so are a lot of things, and I've dated guys who don't match my "would be nice to have" list very much at all.


    Loaded questions rarely find honest answers.

    @Angelo. Yeah women are secure in their femininity. To what degree depends on the individual woman. The vast majority of women I come across are very insecure.

  3. Iampro

    I'm not even secure in my femininity as it is and I'm 4'10".

    No guy can help my with my issues no matter how tall he is.

  4. amy

    4"? idk maybe I would have to see the situation presented but then again I hate dating really tall guys and I've dated really tall guys before like 12 or more inches. I hate standing near really tall people makes me look shorter.

  5. KJack

    Women have preferences too. Just like no man wants to date or have sex with an obese woman, no woman wants to date or have sex with george costanza.

  6. Anonymous

    Men who put women on a pedestal deserve instant death

  7. Wizard Fro

    Sure. If he's standing on enough hundred dollar bills that he can see over her head.

  8.          Puʀse. ©;  

    There is no one shorter then me and the answer is no.


    A man 4 inches shorter then me is the size of a 6th grader. The answer is still no.

  9. Bonnie  L

    For me it would have NOTHING to do with being secure and worried about how I look to others would have to do with did this man attract me or not ...I would go out with any man I was attracted to ...

  10. Naguru

    It is a top secret and I do not want to divulge it.

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