What's the healthiest way to cook eggs? :)?

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  1. Re Vera

    They're all about the same. All the hand-wringing over butter, for example, is increasingly shown to be unfounded with respect to heart disease and cholesterol. Unless you're using a whole stick of butter to fry an egg, it doesn't matter.

    If you wanna split hairs, I guess hard-boiling and poaching would be tied. The end result's the same - a plain egg sans any additional fat or calories.

  2. heart o' gol

    Probably poached. Which is a pain. I'd settle for scrambled with lots of spinach and maybe a dollop of salsa Fresca.

  3. g


  4. Lorraine

    Boiled or poached, or cooked in a non stick pan without any fat.

  5. Natural Mystic

    With a touch of olive oil and a little bit of sea salt and spinach. Yum!

  6. sheloves_dablues

    Poached or hard boiled.

  7. C.M. C

    I prefer them poached.

  8. Matt Gidon

    On the frying pan

  9. joe714

    toss the yolks.
    eat eggs whites,scrambled and add salsa.

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