What if a man is cool alone?

10 months ago 10


  1. ?

    Man Needs Woman

  2. Lucas

    You don't need anything or anyone if your happy alone than that's that. Besides with divorce rates at around 50% might as well have some fun instead.

  3. ≡✈Warrior Of Weedzz▄

    Not if you're rich. You can buy everything plus some more yummy things that girlfriends rarely give it to you and without any emotional pain and irritation craps.

  4. Astrid

    Having a girlfriend is just a waste of time. I prefer being alone

  5. Anonymous

    Yes, especially if he's got Asperger's Disease!

  6. Marilyn depends on the man though. Everybody's different

  7. Wise Cracker

    I'm cool alone.

  8. Eliza

    no! some people are fine alone. do whatever works for you.

  9. Anonymous

    no, nobody needs anyone

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