What is it called when characters in literature cannot be found in history in any objective way?

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  1. David@YourService

    What sort of question is that? Alexander the Great is a historical figure and so is Spartacus. Why aren't they displayed in any museum? Probably for the same reasons.

  2. Rowan

    Even the pope agrees evolution is a proven fact, which means they weren't the first people and there was no "original sin" in literal terms. However, it's obvious to me, it was always a fictional, mythical story, with a metaphorical meaning. The fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil is drugs, and soma was mentioned in the first Hindu texts, which were close to the first written words by humans, and soma is thought to contain magic mushrooms, ephadrine root, alcohol, and perhaps other things. Opium and marijuana were also used from way before Judaism started.

  3. Risa

    they lived during a time when no humans but them existed. Their example was not a positive one. Like many ancient persons their is no fossil record for them but history shows they existed. What we needed to know about them was recorded in the Bible, the rest is history. Genesis 1:26-28

  4. Robert S

    Adam & Eve are mythological figures.
    Adam means "the man", Eve means "the woman".
    America did not even exist at that time.

  5. Zulcan The Great.

    Why do they have displays of Santa Claus and mythological deities and creatures in all shopping centres and other buildings in the world?

  6. Methane Mama

    Only superstitious fools claim that Adam and Eve were historical figures. And, nobody gives a damn what they think.

  7. Serene E

    The bible is a spiritual book. I don't take that story literally. It makes no sense.

  8. ANDY

    Because we don't have an actual picture of them

  9. ShaanTheMessiah

    Because the US wasn't around in biblical days you fücking dumbãss

  10. Cath.Ian

    They are not historical figures you cretin. They are archetypes of humanity in general.

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