i'm a deaf filipino. english is my first language and chinese is my second language, and filipino is my third language but i'm very bad in filipino language. I can understand read english and chinese but i still don't understand read filipino, even i a bit little know how to chinese language but deaf...

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  1. Mark

    Two completely different types of scripts.

    Filipino uses a version of the Roman alphabet. In an alphabet, each symbol ideally represents an individual sound (a consonant or a vowel).

    An alphabet is obviously a problem for a deaf person who never had good hearing.

    The Chinese languages use hanzi, an ideographic system, where each symbol represents a meaning, instead of sounds. This is less of a problem for a deaf person.

    The numerals (a limited ideographic script( most countries use: 0, 1, 2, 3, etc, have the same meanings where they are used, but very different pronunciations (one, two, three / un deux trois / ichi ni san / eins zwei drei / uno due tre etc).

    Chinese characters cover all meanings for the language. Speakers of two different Chinese languages can read the same article, but would not understand each other if they spoke the same article in each language.

  2. zirp

    Because they learnt it.

    The typical thing with chinese is that the characters are ideograms. They represent ideas/notions, not sounds. that's how native speakers of dozens of different sinitic languages can all read the same books and newspapers

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