@girlmidguard- I care about personality too. White woman are usually the nicest women.

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  1. Anonymous

    No, nothing wrong with liking women outside your race. I consider myself Chinese, but some say I look white, but I absolutely adore Asian women. Nothing is wrong with it at all. A word of warning, however: white blonde women can be very hard to get since they are the most attractive to most western men. If you have a lot of money, however, then you can easily get a blonde as they are mainly known for being gold diggers.

  2. xyz

    Many Arab women are fair enough, Arab men don't need to chase white women.

    You are a black instigator. Only nìggers bow down to and lick white women's ***.

  3. girlmidgard

    You like what you like, but your standards are so should get to pick whatever human you want to share your life/time with, but I don't think you get to pick the way you state, and expect it to stick. All of your wishlist is superficial candy visual perfection (your version of it). What about the INside of this person? Are you going to require the same control freak standards for the mind of this speciman?

  4. Ricky

    It's just your personal preference. I hope you marry your perfect princess snow white one day and all of your dreams come true buddy.

  5. Anonymous

    no, black men do it ALL THE TIME.

    White women are the most attractive group of women, all non-white men want a want chick.

  6. Ann

    It is not bad. You're curious about something that is forbidden to your religion (I assume you're Muslim), and it's normal to have curiosity about the unknown.

  7. amy


    Ya kinda. Because most whites aren't Muslim

  8. harley

    Hope in the long line of a few billion guys.

  9. Beans

    You do realize that Arab people are Caucasian too?

  10. The Sagittarian IIye

    I don't know.

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