There is a house across the street from me that has been vacant for the three years that I have lived at my home. Also no one maintains this home at all it just sits there. My sister has wants to buy it and has left notes and made attempts locate the owner with no luck. How would she go about getting the home threw...

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  1. Pascal the Gambler

    10 years. She has no title or color of title, so she has to be there 10 years before she could begin to gain actual ownership. Almost impossible to gain adverse possession. Has to make sure the taxes are paid (the fact that it hasn't been auctioned off yet should tell you that someone already is and therefore there is an owner who cares) or it can be auctioned off prior to the 10 years coming up.

  2. reenzz

    She would have to live there without permission and pay all the property taxes for 25 years. She would likely get arrested for trespassing way before the 25 years are up.

  3. hillbilly

    See a lawyer who does real estate affairs.

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