Being inferior in any relationship is almost always better. You aren't expected to do as much and you get special treatment. I'm no stranger to being inferior, I deal with being inferior all the time. My brother is really smart and my parents make him get straight A's or they give him hell, but my...

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  1. WaldoBC

    I do find it strange that feminists still want equality even after they have already attained equality a long long time ago.

    Billionaire Oprah Winfrey started her talk show back in 1986. Even then, there was 'nothing' holding back a woman (or a black person) from 'making' it! Now, women have (still) the same 'equal opportunity' that Oprah had. So, what are feminists still 'fighting' for?

  2. Mabe

    A decent man wouldn't put up with an 'inferior' attitude from a woman, b/c not all women act this way. It takes as much skill to manage a house and family properly, as it does for a man to go out and work. (a lot of girls don't even know how to cook a decent meal these days, sew, clean, shop wisely, and cooperate). What they are teaching your brother is to go ahead and do it all, and accept another woman in his life, that will act the way you are, and hand his money over to her)..this isn't very smart, b/c it does give him an attitude of 'superiority', and a decent woman wouldn't put up with a man that takes it that far, in treating her like a child, instead of a partner.

  3. Karen L

    If you're happy being inferior, that's fine for you. What if you wanted something else out of life but were told you can't have it, merely because you're female?

    Shall I give you an example from my own life? When I was in my teens I was a really good sailor, sailing small dinghies. I was one of the best sailors of my age in my city. I won races against boys who later competed in the Olympics in sailing. When we we were in our early to mid teens, I was better than they were and I loved sailing. I would have liked to go on and compete at higher levels. I didn't, because by the time you got to be sixteen the boys who wanted to keep sailing competitively were encouraged and helped by older sailors. The girls were ignored. We weren't even allowed to compete in some events.

  4. ethan

    Haha, other people beg to differ, at least your not talking about the crazy feminists, lol

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