When Trump sells white people into slavery for China THEN will they believe he is dangerous?

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  1. Muted Threatened Jai

    Trimp worships ANY power source and dreams of heading it up. The Chinese Mafia won't escape his coveting admiration.

  2. Anonymous

    Not as bad as Hillary selling people to Iran.

  3. Anonymous

    Democrats already did that. Debt slavery is real

  4. serenely, soMEone

    At first, it was irritating. Then it got kind of pathetic. Then funny. Then pathetic again.

    Now? This off-the-tracks silliness is just boring.


  5. Taylor

    I should watch more YouTube

    I feel left out

  6. LiberalsInsulatedFro

    You are not very smart are you?

  7. Rebel Flag

    no they will continue to worship him

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