This girl who rang up my stuff at target said I was very pretty and that I looked like a porcelain doll. I said thank you but didn't know what it meant? Every doll looks different imo?

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  1. Jamlord

    Do you remember, The Twilight Zone show with Talking Tina?

  2. Anonymous

    You look like a doll but are a demon.

  3. blurrytree

    Nice skin, hair, petite and delicate features.. Does this describe you?

  4. Raja Babu

    That means she thinks your face looks perfect

  5. Godless Goddess

    probably high or prominent cheek bones, larger eyes, smallish nose, usually well defined lips rather than just large/puffy

  6. Londa

    Stuff that makes feminist mad. They don't like it because they look the exact opposite

  7. Bmore

    she meant you look like a cheap toy made in China

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