Can I apply for green card lottery if my children r born in eligible country and we have been living in it for 20 years

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  1. Maxi

    You have to be a national of an eligible country to apply........ living in a country doesn't give you citizenship and having children in many countries doesn't give them citizenship either, for most countries they are citizens of the same country their parents are.....if that is the case no and even if it is not they have to be 18yrs old and I really don't think the USA will be running a diversity lottery in 5yrs time let alone 18yrs time

  2. Lisa A

    No. You can apply if YOU were born in an eligible country.

  3. Foofa

    Your children would be able to apply if they're old enough, but it's your place of birth that'll matter.

  4. W.T. Door

    Your children can apply once they are 18 and otherwise qualify.

  5. Anonymous

    So if you steal someone elses money for 20 years and then give it to your kid you think you or the kid is entitled to keep any of it?

  6. Librareian

    Since we don't know what country, we can't help you.

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