Didn't that use to be considered mental illness?

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  1. MoreSmarterestEdumac

    I imagine that the average liberal is either a crazy cat lady or some 40 year old guy wearing a tinfoil hat in his mom's basement.

  2. Armchair Goddess #1

    Samples of Democratic humor:

    When the Darth Vader of politics Vice President Cheney stood on the Senate floor and told Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT) to "Go fu*k yourself" I wanted my Democrats in Congress to call a Press Conference immediately on the Capital steps to announced: "The Vice President has officially endorsed masturbation as an acceptable form of birth control to supplement the unrealistic "Abstinence Only" nonsense the right-wing injected into our schools."

    Liberal Democrat and humorist Will Rogers was fond of saying, "I am not a member of any organized political party...I am a Democrat."

    See? We can be quite funny. Perhaps the reason you see no humor or irony in the political arena is that being a too-far right-wing biblical-literalist Republican extremist renders you humorless. Try some Congressional GOP irony:

  3. Raymond

    Why are you anonymous?
    Didn't that use to be considered being scared of criticism?
    And, no, listening for 'secret messages' has nothing to do with humor, and not all libs do that, unlike your implication.

  4. Gazza

    Whites celebrating themselves being outbred and displaced by non whites IS a mental illness.

  5. laslo

    Example please? Maybe this happens when you don't speak clearly?

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