My favorite is Bellamy cause he s awesome and I d totally have him for a brother. Least favorite is probably Clarke. Where I am in the season she s being really annoying. I used to like her but not so much anymore. What about you guys?

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  1. Lydia

    My favourite character is probably Bellamy, because I think he can be really sweet and protective especially of Octavia but also his friends, and he would be willing to sacrifice himself to save others. But I also really like Octavia, as I think she has really grown throughout the series, from the timid young teen who had never seen the outside world to the badass warrior who fights for what's right and to save her people.

    My least favourite is probably Jaha, because he used to be a good, reasonable leader when on the Ark, however he changed when given the chips for the City of Light and almost seemed to become brainwashed, refusing to acknowledge the people he used to care so much for back in Space.

  2. caleb

    Tyler cause I have a signed picture from her wishing me a happy merry Christmas with a heart

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