Can you learn to fight in a martial art through the internet and practicing it with friends?

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  1. Bob B

    Not very well.

    You could probably learn a few basic moves by doing this, but you'd never be on the level of someone who trained with a competent instructor. Instructors will usually give more detail, notice your mistakes and correct them, and give you a more experienced opponent to train against.

    So while you might learn a little bit of the basics, you'd get creamed in a fight against anyone who trained with an instructor who knew what they were doing.

  2. marc

    You may be able to learn a little bit but u may not be very good at it.Unlike a real person as a teacher you have nobody to correct the mistakes you may be making so you will get a nutshell of the martial art
    But u won't truly learn it.

  3. KaleyK

    You might learn a little bit .... but like almost anything, a little bit of professional instruction goes a long way. Chess is a good example. You could spend six months studying books; or get the same education in about 4 hours from a professional instructor.

  4. Anonymous

    No way. real martial artists travel to Asia and live with the real masters. Not the martial arts schools at your local strip mall.

  5. Anonymous

    Ya right its the same site you learn to become a surgeon on, and its just as reliable

  6. Joe in texas

    Can you learn to fly a plane by reading a book?

    I wouldn't want you as my pilot.

  7. Renf Dek Sumate

    KSDI is a great art but its stressful when you practice chuan fa . That is it .

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