I thought perhaps pvc, but actually, considering how much i'd need to build up a frame, it seems pretty expensive, not sure what thickness I should even consider using, 2"?

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  1. XTX

    Use of 1inch PVC schedule 40 pipe will do the frame and you can suspend the corners with a light weight chain [[[ this is a square frame ]]] == AND == you can get close to round with the use of 45degree PVC pipe fittings to make a circular pattern --- either plan will need to use two shower curtains ....... you will need to experiment with the fittings to find what will work for you ........ If you buy a bunch of fitting that will not work you can return them to Lowe's or the HoDepot if they are clean and unused and it is with in the 30 day allotted ....

  2. Jimmy C

    White pvc plumbing pipe is very cheap and easy to put together. Also you can buy metal electrical conduit pipe at about the same price, but joining it is a problem.

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