I was having open heart surgery in the privacy of my home by a personal doctor and I was awake and fully conscious witnessing the surgery first hand. When all of a sudden the doctor made an incision in my heart and I started to bleed out. I asked the doctor "will I make it?" And she never answered. She...

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  1. Good Man

    To dream that you r undergoing heart surgery signifies the opening of the Self and/or the need for emotional healing. You need to "cut out" or eliminate something from your life. Alternatively, a surgery suggests that you are feeling the influence of some authority figure in ur emotional life. You are being swayed to act and behave a certain way.
    A more literal interpretation of this dream may reflect your concerns about upcoming surgery of heart

  2. Psi Medium

    I agree with Bob's answer, but think it's more specific than just ordinary anxiety. My bet is you're concerned about your health, have a significant medical condition or are worried about diagnostic tests or a procedure. That kind of dream shows the classic fear of medical issues coupled with the loss of control.

  3. Bob

    This is a standard anxiety dream. Clearly you're worried about something. Remember, dreams do NOT predict the future, so these events aren't going to happen to you. Sometimes, dreams are a reflection of our current fears and desires, and sometimes they're just random and meaningless images.

  4. The tin man

    This type of dream says you are anxious about something, or that your personality is one that is often anxious, especially about responsibility or meeting deadlines.

  5. Anonymous

    sorry but whether or not you believe change your lifestyle. a clear case of going to hell

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