How much do the fleas cost (at the flea market)?

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  1. Fly G
    Best Answer

    For 50 cents you can have all you can eat.

  2. Carol

    In the city about $25, in the country 2 for 25¢.

  3. Big Kahuna

    There is only a small fee for a flea and if you buy one,you get one flea.

  4. redalac

    Boy fleas, or girl fleas?
    It's important, ya know.

  5. zendall

    If they are qualified friend d a flea circus they catch a higher price.

  6. Bulletproof

    2 dollars

  7. Anonymous

    They are a free complimentary gift with anything you buy there.

  8. ♥♥♥ ???????????? ???

    Those are free my dear...you can take as many as you want...:)

  9. rick29148

    Buy a dog & they COME FREE !!!!!

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