So im quite a skinny guy 5ft9 weigh 8 and half stone and just want to bulk up really. Is this workout plan gonna show results? So every 2 days I do a home workout this is the schedule 1. Treadmill for 7 mins 2. 20 push ups 3. 2kg dumbells 180 reps 4.40 squats 5.25 push ups 6.30 sit ups 7. 2kg dumbells to 180...

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  1. BigHammer

    Honestly, if you want to bulk up and get strong, skip the bodyweight exercises. That stuff is for muscle tone/definition and building endurance. Start by lifting heavy weights for few sets/reps. There are numerous beginner programs available that are simple and pretty quick too: StrongLifts 5x5, ICF 5x5, Madcow, Starting Strength, Texas Method, etc. Find one that appeals to you and stick to the program for 6 months. You will see results and get them faster than any other method.

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