You say you're not racist but would you drive through south Chicago with your vehicle doors unlocked?

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  1. Anonymous

    I wouldn't drive with my doors unlocked in Chicago back in the 1920's when there were white gangsters like Al Capones gang shooting up Chicago during alcohol prohibition.

    If you look at Wikipedia

    In 1928 there were just as many murders in Chicago BACK THEN as there is today, and THAT was mostly white people shooting at each other over booze. The black gangs shooting at each other over cocaine and heroin today is the modern day version of it.

    Concentrated urban poverty + banned substances + prohibition trade and competition over turf = high crime regardless of what race is there.

  2. Princess Lexie

    No. Only a fool would leave their car doors unlocked under ANY circumstances.

  3. Johannah

    Why is race even in this question? There are dangerous people in Chicago, thus my doors are locked. PEOPLE, not 'blacks' or 'whites'. People.

  4. bliss


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