I'm considering divorcing my husband. More and more things keep unraveling about him. I thought he had a work permit but he lied!! He only has a Social authorized my DHS. He cannot even get a drivers lic. So can he file for anything and be granted anything without my involvement? Thanks

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  1. Lisa A

    He is illegal.

    No, he can't get a green card without sponsorship from you, or his US citizen parent, sibling, or child over 21 years old.

  2. ibu guru

    It appears that he is an illegal alien, and it also appears that he only married you in an attempt to get a green card. Divorce him - or annul the marriage on the grounds of his deceiving you for immigration & monetary benefits. And call ICE Hotline to report him as an illegal alien who attempted to commit marriage fraud to remain in the US - but that you promptly divorced/annulled when you discovered his attempt to defraud you.

  3. Foofa

    I suspect he couldn't get a green card even with your involvement.

  4. Borel

    no ...but you give no facts

    is he an illegal

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