my period is exactly 10 days late ive taken four test and all of them came up negative... my boyfriend and i have been doing the deed all summer all unprotected he came in me one time this whole summer, ive been getting dull period cramps that feel like my period coming im extremely bloated Ive been getting alot of...

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  1. TriHarder

    If your symptoms were from pregnancy you'd have a positive test by now.

    You aren't pregnant.

  2. Gwen

    You're not pregnant.

    Negative tests mean not pregnant.

    If you are pregnant enough to have symptoms, you are pregnant enough to have hormones that can be detected on the test.

  3. Millie

    You most likely aren't pregnant. By 10 days late, you would have a positive result.

  4. swbarnes2

    Whatever reason you have for not marrying him is a GREAT reason to not have kids with him.

    It is f*cking stupid to believe you are pregnant in the face of negative tests.

  5. Ashley Weller

    You could take a blood pregnancy test.

  6. Nunya

    Wow. You're just as spiteful as you are stupid. What a winning combination.


  7. ?

    Sounds like yoube already heard the advice but you don't want to take it. So there's nothing else for anyone to do for you.

  8. Anonymous

    You can take a blood pregnancy test, it is accurate.

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