My father was in Korea he enlisted in 1946 but then almost 2 years later he entered into the Air Force. I know that there were some major changes in 1947, but from what I can find it seemed like that was mostly involving transferring from the Army.

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  1. Bobbin

    The Air Force was a new military entity in the early 1940s, formerly the Army Air Corp.

  2. jeeper_peeper321

    probably, a new service needed lots of people

    the army air corps didn't have all the people the new air force needed

    plus with the down sizing, the navy had more people than it needed

    2, it happens

    when the navy first started using tomahawk cruise missiles -- they tried to recruit air force missile systems analyst who already had experience with sram and cruise missiles.

    the navy was offering a one stripe promotion to anyone who changed service branch's for the new rate in the navy-- that gave the navy instant experience with the new missiles

    3. the air force did they same thing when they created the STO and CRO officer career fields

    they allowed navy, army and marines officers to transfer service to find officers capable of meeting the standards for the new career fields

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