I worked at a pizza place for a week ( I quit because the manager was extremely rude and harassed me but that's not the question) I set up a direct deposit but it's been 2 weeks and the money hasn't come in. Will they mail me my paycheck ? I called the manager, store and went into the store and my...

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  1. David

    Your employer is required to pay you on your next regularly scheduled paycheck. He can do so before if he wants. Since you were set up with direct deposit, the amount should go directly into your account, and a stub showing your withholding needs to be provided to you. If your ex-employer fails to do so, file a complaint with the State Labor Department

  2. WRG

    File a wage claim with your state's department of labor.

    Google YOUR STATE wage claim

    Odds are the first .gov site that comes up will be a link on how to do it.

  3. Anonymous

    Go in and try to pick it up first. I would also mention that I would have no problem going to corporate for it or the labor board.

  4. Anonymous

    Why don't you contact corporate office and ask to speak with payroll.

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